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my work will turn your dreams into reality

All prices are flexible and can be adapted to suit each unique situation. I occasionally engage in barter arrangements for my services.

Let's bring your products or ideas to life!

Contact me now, and let's discuss how we can create stunning visuals that elevate your brand. Your vision, my work – let's make it happen 

E-COMMERCE site in Shopify

The full price depends on your specific needs and requirements, but it includes whole design adaptation, payment and delivery app setup, product upload, more languages, SEO.

Price starting aprox from 1200 EUR (without product upload).


WEB SITE in WIX (can include an e-commerce option)

Creating user-friendly websites with a clean and intuitive design to enhance online presence and provide a seamless browsing experience.

Wix has a straightforward pricing structure with different plans to choose from. It includes hosting, but certain features may require a higher-tier plan. The platform also provides excellent customer support, mobile optimization, built-in SEO tools, and e-commerce capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses.

Price starting from 1000 EUR (one language).


WEB SITE in WordPress

The choice between Wix and WordPress depends on your specific needs, good technical skills (if you'r planning afterwrds take care by yourself), and the goals of your website.

With WordPress, you need to find your own hosting provider. While this gives you more control, it also means you have to manage your server or use a managed WordPress hosting service. WordPress is open-source software, which means you can modify the code to suit your needs.

Price starting from 1500 EUR.


Photography | Product photography

I offer a comprehensive package that includes both product photography and professional product styling, ensuring your products are showcased in the best light with a creative and visually appealing touch.


- photo session or reportage starting from 150 EUR/h (both studio or outside, retouche included)

- if photo session or reportage is longer than 4 h, there is a special price which depends from many aspects 

- the pricing for product photography is negotiable for every occasion, considering the diverse aspects involved to meet your specific needs

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